Resource Process Outsourcing

At times Fixed recruiting costs saddle the businesses with unnecessary overheads, the pressure to optimize your talent supply chain could be immense. So, you begin to wonder whether outsourcing recruitment to an outside company is a potential solution? We can help you with the greatest strategies towards success you chose to Outsourcing the recruitment function allows a company to pass along the cost risk of those resources to the business partner. Recruitment Outsourcing firms like Sunwill Consulting take on the responsibility of efficiently adjusting resource levels when hiring fluctuations happen so the client does not bear the burden of staff, or conversely, being short when greater resources are required.

Quick Turn Around Time

Time is money and getting the right top talent might take a lot of both. From sourcing to pre-screening / conducting interviews and negotiating offers, acquiring a new employee taxes your internal resources. Plus, a lot more little additions, sometimes the significant task may remain unfilled, your business loses the benefit of that employee’s contribution and wastes recruiting and budgetary resources that could be dedicated to other initiatives.

Outsourcing all or part of your internal recruitment function can reduce your time to hire dramatically by leveraging.

Streamlined Professional Services

Procuring an RPO project gives you the opportunity to rethink these processes. The RPO vendors like SunWill Consulting will help review and understand your recruitment process workflow(s) to determine the overlaps, excessive cost, and inefficient practices may exist, to come up with service levels and KPI based processes.

These practices have been shown repeatedly to yield increased efficiency and satisfaction with the recruitment lifecycle, resulting in overall cost reduction for your company.

Lower your hiring cost
  • A large pool of thousands of screened, specially skilled professionals and sourcing channels that significantly increases your talent pipeline.

  • Will have access to a greater amount of recruiting and screening professionals than you can carry on your own staff, who can scale their volume of work with the requisition load.

  • Vendor and process management that allows you to focus on making hiring decisions while leaving the less strategic administrative duties to your RPO partner.